Adlibris, Tham & Videgård

Austere at Stockholm Design Week

During Stockholm Design Week Austere will pop-up at Adlibris Marknad. Please join us for books, design and discussions with special guests.

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Austere and Sight Unseen Present Site Specific: L.A.

Austere is pleased to announce an exhibition of contemporary design from Los Angeles, curated by the influential online magazine Sight Unseen. The show, entitled Site Specific: L.A., will be on view from December 5, 2015 – February 14, 2016.  Site Specific: L.A. will showcase a curated selection of new furniture and product by established and […]


Austere hosts Absolut Art, the LA Editions

As the price of art has skyrocketed in the past few years, a new platform founded by the Swedish vodka company Absolut has emerged to create a democratized outlet for art buyers with normal-sized budgets.  Building on the brand’s historic engagement with artists Absolut Art is a digital platform that makes buying contemporary art easy, […]


On Design: COS & Snarkitecture at Austere

The official definition of austere is “having an extremely plain and simple style or appearance; unadorned.” Of course Austere’s operation is slightly more involved than that, but we do like our stuff simple. Underlying this simplicity is a high level of sophistication of elaborate processes, by way of production, location, materials, structure, and many other […]

OKO Designed by Kibisi for Biomega

Austere launches Biomega’s OKO

The Biomega OKO has been designed for the highest of performance, whilst being truly accommodating to a busy urban lifestyle. The OKO is a uniquely lightweight and highly practical city pedelec with a fashionable twist, that will undoubtedly make heads turn it its direction. The OKO bridges the heritage of the Biomega portfolio from Marc […]


Austere x Dwell on Design 2015

This year Dwell invited us to participate in their highly-attended fair, Dwell on Design. We took the opportunity to recreate our 5,000-square-foot concept store/showroom in 500-square-feet, if only to prove our Scandinavian ethos of owning less, but better things. Some of the designers we featured were: ARTEK The stackable Stool 60 created in 1933 by […]


Henzel Studios x Austere: An Interview with Curator Joakim Andreasson

The utterly recognizable image above and its accompanying oeuvre was confidently conceived yet covertly circulated by a Finnish man named Touko Laaksonen. Under the guise Tom of Finland, Laaksonen created a never-before-imagined, fully realized and totally provocative genre beginning in the 1950s within the pages of the American magazine Physique Pictorial. The fearless manner and the surreal […]


Holy Circuit – Love Hultén at Austere

Love Hultén –  currently buzzed about for combining high-tech and popular culture with artisan skills and spellbinding ornamentation – will present his wide range of innovative prototypes and new products at his first USA exhibition at Austere Downtown LA, 20 November – 14 December 2014. Hultén’s works range from original concept computers and arcade gaming […]


Designing One of the World’s Most Important Rooms

This has been an important week for the world: The Climate Summit, Ebola, ISIS, Ukraine and Gaza. And it’s all being discussed at the recently refurbished the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarter in NYC.   In between these history-shaping sessions, the UN is open to the touring public, and we highly recommend a […]

RE-Turned Beller Feat.

A Few Words with Lars: An Interview on Beller

Today we sit down with Lars Fjetland.  He is the designer and owner of Beller (a recent addition to Austere). Lars and I discuss the pollution problems in Norway, our love of birds, and if it would hurt if i threw one of his designs at him.  Sean Hanratty: Hello, Lars – really excited to […]

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Inside (and Out): Finn Juhl and The Room

Creating a room might look easy on TV, but the initiated from homeowner to shopowner know it can be more puzzle than pleasure. Finn Juhl, a name that stands proudly aside masters like Wegner, Jacobsen, and Hennignsen, solved it in a simple phrase: “from in the inside and out.” Looking at a few of the rooms Juhl […]


A Bit of Time with Tom of Finland

What can be said about Touko Laaksonen that hasn’t already been said? His artistic output in myriad forms, unleashed over the last 50 or so years has had groundbreaking impact on global culture. His artwork has been censored

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A Finnish Flourish: A Brief History of the Winter War

Three times the size of the Allied landing at Normandy, the Winter War of 1939 was one of the more unique and significant battles of World War II. It pitted the massive Soviet Army against Finland, a country roughly the size of Leningrad (3.5 million people). You might ask why Finland, what did they do? […]


Retail Beyond: A Look at the Normann Space Copenhagen

(BIAS ALERT!!!!) I have a deep and special love for Danish fashion designer Stine Goya and the Normann Copenhagen brand concept. There is most definitely something special about the new initiative at Normann Space especially if you’re into oversized women’s clothes, cactuses, and gold!!!

Wood Wood Feature

Good Wood Wood

Danish and Scandinavian fashion, which traditionally stood for minimalism, clean aesthetics, and crisp tailoring, found itself reinvented by an urban, cheeky and self-referencing brand…Wood Wood. Here’s their story.

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The Building of Byrdcliffe

Two hours and some change north and slightly west of Manhattan, lies an area of land diverse in its geography, rich in

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Audio Aesthete: A Look at Charles Damga & UNO NYC

At Austere, we don’t write about music as much as we should sometimes. We honor design and designers, but we are always taken by anyone who through sheer force of will creates a new reality in their eyes and of their design. Charles Damga and his UNO NYC is one of those people, like an […]


On Furniture Design with Lars Hofsjö

Lars Hofsjö is a Stockholm based Industrial Designer, he designs under his namesake Hofsjö. His style mixes elements of older swedish traditions with a noticeably modern and ergonomic

Ismo Hölttö Balloon

History On: Ismo Hölttö

Stumbling on the works of Ismo Hölttö feels like discovering the Finnish equilvalent of Robert Frank’s The Americans. Hölttö’s subject matter frequently deals with a rural solemnity that has just a touch of spirit and humor. It also reflects the fringes of society in the midst of a cultural change.  Ismo Hölttö was born in 1940 in Finland. Although […]

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On Process: Talking Transparency with People People

In our age of “ubiquitous computing,” technology has gone microscopic, and music has follow suit, becoming almost invisible—it often rides in out of sight on a wireless signal, streaming from a phone or a computer to the nearest headphones. Speakers though, like batteries,  seem to be a niggling exception to Moore’s Law: they’ve remained obstinately […]

1997 Monotype 3 Monotype - Printing Ink on Paper 15 x 21

A Few Minutes with Richmond Burton

The nutshell version of Richmond Burton’s story is the stuff of art world legend: young artist hits all the right notes, receives mass acclaim, then…

Gumhead - Douglas Coupland

Where To Stick Your Gum In Vancouver?

As part of Douglas Coupland’s new exhibition, everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything, the Vancouver Art Gallery has commissioned a site-specific public

isabel wilson featured

On Designer: Isabel Wilson

You can’t get much further outside the box when it comes to Isabel Wilson’s uber unique textile designs. Optical illusions,

Baby Box

Baby Boxes: A Brief History of Finnish Maternity Packs

Finns leading happy lives is not due to the fact that they have the most saunas per capita. Their satisfied lives are due to programs like the one that gives every Finnish baby the chance to sleep in a cardboard box; the box (maternity package) is a gift offered to all expectant mothers from the […]

steenman Garvera

The Fabled Cairns of Woodstock

While driving along the bridge over the Mill Stream a few weeks back, I noticed a bike thrown haphazardly in the path leading down to the stream. Nothing curious about this, but then I saw him. A young, bearded man, who, even from a few hundred yards away, was very clearly meditating on the shale-y […]


On Designer: Jordy van den Nieuwendijk

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk is an artist and designer based in The Hague in the Netherlands. In April 2014, he traveled nearly 9000 kilometers away from home to participate in a project called The Jaunt in Los Angeles.


July 10th Austere x Aesop Retail Walk

Austere is proud to announce our inclusion in Design East of LaBrea’s New Downtown Retail Walk. It will be hosted by one of our favorite Angelenos Alissa Walker – you might remember her from our Austere x Chair event a few weeks ago.  The walk will make its first stop at Austere at 7pm and […]


Austere’s Scandinavian Picks for The 4th!

We will be the first to admit that the 4th of July isn’t the most Austere of holidays. But all the same we get moved by the spirit of hot dogs, fireworks and just hanging outside.  Shop Austere’s spirited Red, White, and Blue Picks!            HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY FROM AUSTERE  […]


A History of Hermann Glöckner

In addition to the countless voices suppressed during the Soviet reign of the German Democratic Republic (GDR), visual works considered too avant-garde or…